Annie’s Antics

Welcome to Annie’s Antics!

These posts are a stream of consciousness. Sometimes they may be a little quirky or whimsical … for me they are just fun. I hope you enjoy them too!

  • A Spring Makeover

A Spring Makeover

  • April 2014

ahh … it’s finally arrived.

After a long cold winter and a couple of false starts, spring came in with a roar.
Spring is my favorite season … full of so […]

  • Warm or Cool … what’s your Temperature?

Warm or Cool … what’s your Temperature?

  • January 2014

Every room has a unique temperature.
Colors tend to express personalities, emotions, feelings.
A color can change the temperature of the room.
A warm room is energetic and a cool room tends […]

  • The Black and White Affair

The Black and White Affair

  • November 2013

White is so clean and fresh.
Together I think – classic, chic, bold, minimal, refined, elegant
But, maybe the best word for black and white is effortless.

Used in film, photography, fashion, […]